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Tommy Roca, a seasoned actor in the film and television industry with over seven years of experience, has embarked on a personal journey to explore his heritage in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. With ancestral ties to the region, Tommy's curiosity about his background led him to relocate to Abidjan, seeking a profound connection to his roots and a fresh start in a place that holds personal significance. This decision represents a significant shift in both his personal life and professional trajectory, underscoring a focus on fresh opportunities and his deep-rooted affinity for his newfound home in Africa.

Throughout his illustrious career, Tommy Roca has showcased his magnetic presence and versatile acting prowess in a range of acclaimed feature films such as "White Colour Black," "Culion," and Filipino Film & TV series. Additionally, he is affiliated with Spotlight, the premier casting platform in the UK.

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Harnessing the Creative Potential of Dyslexic Minds: Empowering Change on a Global Scale

Within every challenge lies a wealth of untapped capabilities, awaiting liberation. At, our objective extends beyond redefining perceptions of dyslexia; we actively seek to convert it into a wellspring of unparalleled creativity and ingenuity. Our mission transcends mere advocacy, delving into tangible initiatives that spotlight the dyslexic creative mind. Here is a glimpse into how we are translating this vision into action:

Enabling Through Technological Advancements: Leveraging cutting-edge tools such as the Apple Vision Pro, we are enhancing accessibility and engagement for dyslexic individuals. By transforming speech and text into visual formats, we are paving new avenues for comprehension and innovation, enabling dyslexic individuals to interact with content in a manner that harmonizes with their cognitive processes.

Crafting a Dyslexia-Centric Team:

Our brand essence revolves around leveraging the distinct capabilities of a dyslexic team. By amalgamating varied viewpoints and adept problem-solving skills, we are generating solutions and content that resonate with a profound comprehension of the dyslexic perspective. This strategic approach not only amplifies our creative endeavors but also stands as a guiding light of possibility for dyslexic professionals worldwide.

Establishing a Global Cohort: transcends being merely a platform; it embodies a vibrant community. We are uniting dyslexic individuals from diverse backgrounds, nurturing an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and the inception of innovations. Through collaborative ventures and endeavors, we are spotlighting the remarkable potential of the dyslexic creative intellect in shaping a transformative impact on society.

Championing Dyslexic Creativity in Every Sector:

We believe that dyslexic creativity has the power to revolutionize industries. From technology and education to art and business, we're advocating for environments that recognize and nurture the unique talents of dyslexic individuals. Our goal is to see dyslexic thinkers leading the charge in innovation, empowered to bring their visionary ideas to life.

Launching Initiatives for Change: Through targeted campaigns and partnerships, we're raising awareness about the strengths of dyslexia while also driving change at a systemic level. Our initiatives aim to transform educational and workplace practices, ensuring that dyslexic minds are valued and supported across all spheres of life.


"The Power to Change the World with a Dyslexic Creative Mind" is not just a slogan; it's a call to action. By building a strong, creative, and supportive dyslexic community, we're laying the groundwork for a future where dyslexia is seen as a gift, not a limitation. Join us in redefining what's possible and in creating a world where every dyslexic mind is empowered to leave its mark.

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Role: French lieutenant

Role: Demonstrator - VAMOOS

Tommy ROCA has garnered acclaim for his exceptional performance as a demonstrator at VAMOOS. Through a fusion of physical dexterity and virtual proficiency, he animates characters with remarkable finesse. His talent lies in fluidly transitioning between the tangible and digital realms, crafting captivating and immersive experiences for spectators.

Role: Presentation - RENOVAR

Immerse yourself in the captivating demonstration offered by RENOVAR within their unique domain. Through the fusion of physical dexterity and virtual expertise, they exhibit the capacity to craft extraordinary experiences that transcend conventional limitations.

Review: Doce Pares Headquarters and Ermar Alexander -

Imagine if Filipino Martial Arts became part of the curriculum in France, particularly in all French schools.

During my recent visit to the Philippines, I embarked on a profound spiritual journey that unveiled the historical roots of martial arts in this captivating country. As Tommy Roca, an actor deeply passionate about martial arts and their cultural significance, I sought inspiration and a more profound insight into the art form that has greatly influenced the Filipino identity.

An unforgettable moment from my trip was the chance to spend quality time with the Supreme Grand Master (SGM). The time shared with him and his family left an enduring impression on my heart. Visiting the church and cemetery, where I paid tribute to ancestors and connected with my own heritage, added a sense of respect and spirituality to the whole experience.

This journey not only enhanced my admiration for Filipino martial arts but also underscored the importance of honoring our predecessors. The teachings and wisdom imparted by the Supreme Grand Master were priceless, highlighting the virtues of discipline, respect, and resilience. Observing the dedication and enthusiasm of the Grand Master and his family served as a poignant reminder of the profound influence martial arts can have on an individual's character and their ties to cultural heritage.

Ai Chatbot - My mission

In 2026,

MY MISSION is to introduce Tommy AI, an advanced chatbot tailored to aid individuals with dyslexia. Tommy AI provides tailored support and advice to empower students, adults, and individuals with dyslexia across various aspects of their lives. Leveraging AI technology, Tommy AI delivers personalized solutions to assist users in overcoming challenges related to reading, writing, comprehension, and communication. The primary goal of Tommy AI is to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment, enabling individuals with dyslexia to thrive in academics, professional pursuits, and personal ventures.

Limitless in the world of AI

Tommy ROCA - Your “AI Movie”

"Legion of Steel" is an electrifying action movie that presents viewers with an unmatched formidable force. Under the command of Thomas Delaroche, a highly skilled French legionnaire, and soldiers from the African BILA battalions (known as the Bat'd'Af), this legion comprises seven state-of-the-art robot soldiers driven by advanced artificial intelligence. With its exceptional strength, agility, and strategic abilities, the Steel Legion emerges as an unparalleled threat to those in its path. Their relentless pursuit of justice and vengeance amplifies the high-stakes confrontations, heart-racing car chases, and exhilarating combat scenes that define the movie. Get ready for an exhilarating cinematic journey as the Steel Legion dominates the screen, pushing the boundaries of action-packed entertainment. #Fastandfurious #legionofsteel

Virtual Friend

Introducing Tommy AI – Your Virtual Companion at

Embark on a pioneering journey with Tommy AI, your virtual guide and companion at By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with thoughtful design, Tommy AI is dedicated to enhancing your experience on our platform significantly.

Tommy AI represents more than just artificial intelligence; he stands as your ally in the realm of dyslexic acting. Functioning as your virtual confidant, Tommy AI is committed to supporting and enriching your endeavors. Whether you are navigating the website, curating your portfolio, or delving into the innovative domain of hybrid talent, Tommy AI stands beside you, guiding you every step of the way.

Going beyond mere programming, Tommy AI embodies inclusivity and creativity. He understands the challenges faced by dyslexic actors and is resolute in ensuring a smooth and gratifying journey for you. Infused with both technology and compassion, Tommy AI transcends being a mere feature on our site; he is a companion, a mentor, and a collaborator in showcasing your unique talents.

Join us at and let Tommy AI be the virtual companion that elevates your experience into an exceptional, dyslexia-friendly odyssey.

Dear dyslexic actors and actresses within our community,

It is our pleasure to introduce a groundbreaking innovation designed to revolutionize your approach to acting: Tommy AI Character Discovery, exclusively accessible at! Have you ever contemplated the array of roles that could showcase your talents? Tommy AI puts an end to uncertainty. Say goodbye to time-consuming auditions for roles that may not fully leverage your unique abilities.

Here's how this feature works:

  • Character Discovery: Tommy AI assesses your acting style, strengths, and preferences. By employing advanced algorithms, it reveals a comprehensive list of characters customized to suit your skills.
  • Learning & Enhancement: Immerse yourself in personalized educational materials and tutorials meticulously created to deepen your understanding of each character. Tommy AI serves not only as a mentor but also as your personal theater coach, assisting you in refining your abilities and expanding your repertoire.

⏱️ Instant Role Identification: Bid farewell to mismatched auditions! With a swift photo upload, Tommy AI efficiently generates a customized presentation within just 30 seconds, unveiling roles tailored precisely to your profile.

🚀 Efficiency & Skill Enhancement: In the fast-paced acting industry, time is a critical factor. Tommy AI empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring that each audition aligns seamlessly with your strengths.

📸 Unleash Your Potential: Simply upload your photo, and let Tommy AI do the rest. Within moments, a visual showcase featuring characters perfectly suited to your abilities and style will be at your fingertips.

Embark on a transformative journey with Tommy AI at, where a multitude of opportunities await. Embrace a future where you not only excel in acting but also discover roles that resonate with your unique talents. Your path to acting success becomes more efficient, personalized, and exhilarating!

Celebrate your distinctive skills, explore boundless prospects, and allow Tommy AI to guide you towards roles that showcase your artistry splendidly.

Warm regards,

The Team

Moving ahead, the website is set to transform how actors handle their portfolios and explore new creative paths. By utilizing advanced technology, the platform will efficiently organize CVs, headshots, and personalized pages for every actor, simplifying the process and enhancing accessibility.

Moreover, the platform will introduce a groundbreaking feature that goes beyond conventional limits: hybrid talent creation. Envision entering a script like "Tommy ROCA as a robot discovering life as a human being," and within just two hours, a fully developed film emerges. This innovative blend of artificial intelligence and artistic expression empowers actors to delve into various roles and storylines, showcasing their adaptability and broadening their creative horizons.

Through, actors will not only possess the tools to manage their professional profiles effortlessly but will also have the chance to delve into imaginative storytelling. The option to choose the conclusion adds an interactive touch, granting actors authority over their narrative and enabling them to shape their distinct creative journeys. Let's look forward to a future where actors with dyslexia and beyond can smoothly navigate their careers while exploring the boundless realms of storytelling.

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