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Tommy Roca is a captivating actor with more than seven years of experience in the film and television industry. He is currently signed with Base Model Agency, one of the first independent and proudly South African model agencies with international ties. Tommy has starred in several feature films, such as "White Colour Black," "Culion," and "The Take Down," where he showcased his compelling performance and dynamic range.

Tommy is also a passionate dyslexia advocate, who uses his platform to raise awareness and support for those facing similar challenges. He leverages his dyslexic thinking and design theory skills to create engaging and impactful stories that resonate with audiences. Fluent in French, Spanish, and English, Tommy brings an international flair to his roles. He is also a trained martial artist with skills in Kali Eskrima and stage combat, which enable him to tackle physically demanding roles with confidence and finesse. Tommy Roca is an exciting and professional talent who continues to impress viewers with his magnetic presence and versatile abilities.. Mixed Race: French/Ivory Coast/Spanish


Hybrid Talent in Acting and TV Commercials:

Bridging the Physical and Virtual Worlds

In the dynamic landscape of entertainment, a new breed of talent has emerged, known as the Hybrid Talent. These individuals possess a unique blend of skills and expertise, seamlessly navigating the realms of both physical performance and the virtual world. This extraordinary fusion of abilities allows them to thrive in acting and TV commercials, transcending traditional boundaries and embracing the limitless possibilities presented by technology, including AI and virtual environments.

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a platform born out of a vision to empower individuals with dyslexia, particularly those pursuing careers in acting. As the founder, my journey as a dyslexic thinker has illuminated the unique challenges faced by individuals like myself in comprehending and interpreting textual information. Recognizing the critical role of scripts in the acting world, I embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between dyslexia and the performing arts.

At the heart of lies the aspiration to provide a transformative solution – a Text-to-Image tool that transcends the conventional barriers of language and comprehension. For dyslexic actors, grasping the nuances of a script is not merely about words on paper; it's about translating those words into a vivid mental imagery akin to a cinematic experience. This platform aims to revolutionize the way individuals with dyslexia engage with scripts, fostering a clearer understanding of vision projection in three dimensions.

In the realm of dyslexic thinking, we recognize that time is of the essence. The cumbersome process of translation, from one language to another, further complicates the already intricate task of transforming words into images. This is where we envision a groundbreaking partnership – a collaboration with a sponsor who can bring the vision to life through an innovative Text-to-Image technology.Imagine the impact of seamlessly translating scripts into detailed images, breaking down the script into comprehensible pieces. This not only signifies a winning moment for actors but also a triumph for students and workers worldwide, as they navigate the intricate world of scripts with newfound clarity and ease.

Our rallying cry is for support and collaboration to introduce TOMMY ROCA AI as the avatar, the architect of bridging the gap between words and images. Together, let's embark on a journey to revolutionize dyslexic learning in the realm of acting, ensuring that no talent is hindered by the challenges of dyslexia. Join us in creating a future where dyslexic actors can effortlessly project the beauty of words into the captivating realm of imagery, and in doing so, transform the landscape of the performing arts.

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Role: Director - Coffee Lounge Club

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Tape Junk

Role: French Lieutenant

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Role: Demonstration - VAMOOS

Tommy ROCA is the exceptional performer known for their role as Demonstration in VAMOOS. With a unique blend of physical prowess and expertise in the virtual realm, he brings characters to life like never before. His ability to seamlessly navigate between the physical and digital worlds sets him apart, creating captivating and immersive experiences for audiences.

Role: Demonstration - RENOVAR

Demonstration in the prestigious world of RENOVAR. With a unique fusion of physical performance and expertise in the virtual realm, they possess the ability to create extraordinary experiences that transcend traditional boundaries.

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Ai Chatbot - My mission


Tommy AI is an advanced AI chatbot developed to assist individuals with dyslexia. With its personalized support and guidance, Tommy AI aims to empower students, adults, and individuals with dyslexia in various aspects of their lives. By leveraging AI technology, Tommy AII provides tailored solutions, helping users overcome challenges related to reading, writing, comprehension, and communication. The ultimate goal of Tommy AI is to create an inclusive and supportive environment, enabling individuals with dyslexia to thrive academically, professionally, and personally.

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Ai Reel

"Legion of Steel" is a gripping action film that introduces audiences to a formidable force like never before. Led by Thomas Delaroche, a highly skilled French Foreign Legionnaire, French soldiers from BILA African battalions (nicknamed the Bat’d’Af), this legion comprises seven cutting-edge soldier robots powered by advanced artificial intelligence. With their incredible strength, agility, and tactical prowess, the Legion of Steel poses an unprecedented threat to anyone who crosses their path. As they relentlessly pursue justice and vengeance, their presence intensifies the high-stakes clashes, electrifying car chases, and heart-pounding combat sequences that define the film. Brace yourself for a thrilling cinematic experience as the Legion of Steel takes center stage, redefining the boundaries of action-packed excitement. #Fastandfurious #legionofsteel

In the future, is poised to revolutionize the way actors manage their portfolios and explore creative avenues. Through cutting-edge technology, the platform will seamlessly organize CVs, headshots, and personalized pages for each actor, streamlining the process and enhancing accessibility.

Moreover, the platform will introduce an innovative feature that transcends traditional boundaries – the creation of Hybrid Talents. Imagine typing a scenario like "Tommy ROCA as a robot discovering life as a human being," and within a mere two hours, a fully produced film unfolds. This dynamic fusion of artificial intelligence and artistic expression allows actors to explore diverse roles and narratives, showcasing their versatility and expanding creative horizons.

With, actors will not only have the tools to manage their professional profiles effortlessly but also the opportunity to delve into imaginative storytelling. The freedom to choose the ending adds an interactive element, granting actors control over their narrative and enabling them to shape their unique creative journeys. Join us in anticipating a future where dyslexic actors and beyond can effortlessly navigate their careers while exploring the boundless possibilities of storytelling.

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Script Writer fir action film: Thierno Diallo

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